NOTE : This tutorial is for Educational Purposes Only.
Before you start Please make sure you will Hide your IP and dowload firefox. DO NOT DO ANY OF THE METHODS before getting the tools. I assume you will be using Firefox. I am not a fan of Internet Explorer. So if you do use IE, please get Firefox as I am not sure if these tools work with IE or not.
Hide My IP 2007
You will need this software because you do not want to leave your IP behind and you want to stay behind the proxy and Hide My IP 2007 is the best one available to be honest. Use Google Search To Download “Hide My IP 2007”
After downloading, Install the Hide My IP 2007 and change your IP address. Now we must check if our IP changed go to and see if your IP has changed. Once done you may proceed to do the tactics below.

Rather easy method, but still this works for most of the sites. Its good to have an arsenal of all the methods so that you can try all of them to get an ebook. Well the first method is basically the old “site” synxtax used in search engines. So say you want a product from a site
Code: and they have a pdf or something, you will just head over to Google, and type

Code: Site:
now if the site is indexed you will have the url for the pdf file or the zip or whatever it is. You can do this on Google, Yahoo and Alexa, I have used AltaVista in the past also, so you can try all of them. This method rather easy works on some sites thare are har d to get even with advance methods. So here is the first method the “site” command in Google and other sites.. REMEMBER TRY ALL THE SEARCH SITES I TOLD. SOMETIMES YAHOO SHOWS more results than Google. And vice versa.

Another easy method, this one requires a guess work of the pdf or zip or exe file. For example say you were looking for a book on Code: now you gotta guess the pdf file if the site is selling a pdf file just give the pdf file a guess in this case I might go for contentpro.pdf on Google and do a search and all other sites, and see what is the r esult. If I dont get anything I will do conpro.pdf or contpro.pdf or procontent.pdf, you get the idea. Now in some cases this method alone can find you the ebook or product you are looking for, it has some limitaton but in most cases it wor ks like a magic. Again try it on all sites, try it with dashes, underscores and few other add ons.

This method requires you to have some knowledge of p2p sites and softwares. My favourite ones happen to be IRC->DC++->Emule–>Torrent–>Limewire. What you can do is look around these places for the pdf file. You can find some on IRC and sometimes on DC++ or emule or Torrent, I have yet to find some stuff on Limewire or torrent but you can always check it out.

In this tactic we will try to get a very popular Keyword Searching Tool “Keyword Elite”.
First step is go to or then search a keyword for the product that we want. So now I will search for the keyword “keyword elite” and walla… check the rapidshare links below and the download it.
Easy Right?
If you are not lucky enough to find the product then here’s something that will help you. Go to and search for “thank you for your purchase [keyword] ” without the quotes(”) example: thank you for your purchase [adsense]

just go to the victim : put in robots.txt
example : you will see
# robots.txt for
User-agent: *
Disallow: /downld/downld.html
Disallow: /downld/a-nbsd
Disallow: /downld/b-34v8
Disallow: /downld/c-ksajfk
then you try below links, you might find goodies there nbsd
But it is based on luck!

(Google / Yahoo / MSN and Other Search Engine): Try Following terms in the various Search Engine:
Thank you for your order + download
Congratulations on your investment
Topic filetype: pdf (where topic is what you are searching for & no space in front of pdf)
“this order button requires a javascr ipt enabled br owser”
thank you “Clk*”
thank you “”
“A syntax error has occurred” filetype:ihtml
(password|passcode)(username|userid|user) filetype:csv
intitle:index-of last-modified pr ivate
intitle:index.of ws_ftp.ini
To find weak servers try search for: intitle:”the page cannot be found” inetmgr
for chat logs search for: something “has quit” “has joined” filetype:txt
Replace something with the thing you are looking for.

On Yahoo search for:
intitle:nameproduct intext:http://rapidshare
This gives links from warez sites.

Try Following Terms in Alexa-
Thank You for Your Purchase!
Thank you for your purchase
Your credit card statement will show a charge
Thank you for your order
Thanks for your order
Thanks for your purchase
Thanks for purchasing…….
Order Confir mation
Order Confirmed
Your credit card or bank statement will show a charge from CLKBANK*com
A charge from CLKBANK
A Charge from paypal
Paypal payment or paypal payment confirmed
Paypal Statement
CLKBANK Download instructions
cbreceipt or cbreceipt click
CLKBANK right click eller CLKBANK click
Download the latest version of adobe acrobat reader
right click save target as
right click save file as
Click here to download
Save target as
Save file as
receive future updates
username is password is
username: password:
Members eller Members area
charge on your statement will show as “Clickbank”
Go to and type in search bar something like this: yyyyyyy
where xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is the site you have your eye on and yyyyyyy is something that would limit found pages (for example if you put pdf instead of yyyyyyy you’ll get only pages where word pdf mentioned, or you put mp3 or something similar)
I f you have time and energy you may type just:
and you”ll get everything that Alexa has indexed on that site. Than you surf through all of the pages and bingo. You’ll eventually find what you are looking for . You may try also typing link without www.
Instead of words pdf or mp3 , you may type thanks, thank you, clickbank or whatever you think could write on thankyou page…

Be a googlebot to bypass membership sites and show the contents of the site without registering. Download this firefox plugin
Once the plugin is installed go to Tools tab on firefox the choose User Agent Switcher then Options. A new window will popup. Click User Agents and click the add button.
Use this details to fill the form.
Description: googlebot
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +
App Name: firefox
App Version: 4.8 [en] (Googlebot/2.1; U)
Platfor m: Win32
Leave Vendor and Vendor Sub blank
( I Use this Most of the time) My very best tool GOOGLE
Go here you will understand google better. Also Using Alternative query methods go here to know about this.
I usually use the cache operator. And lastly use the product search here Read “Studi Kasus Mencari File Apapun di Google” and “Google Hacking Tutorial

If you are a hacker you can crack pay-pal code D

Well, if any tactic that i dont suppose to know , if you know one Please let me know it too.

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